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End of the net! Livejournal in trouble!

Originally published at Morbid Romantic. You can comment here or there.

This news story broke early this morning: The Russian Bear Slashes a Social Network. Suffice to say, the internet, or at least the Livejournal community, is in a fresh tizzy. All across the board are absolutely apocalyptic cries of, “what am I going to do with my life if Livejournal disappears? I’ll be left with nothing… NOTHING.” Because, you know, there’s no such thing as the outside world or making real life friends. Without the internet, the world is nothing but an empty and pointless void.

What happened was this: A few months back, a Russian company called Sup bought Livejournal from SixApart, which was a veritable wankfest of its own. Unfortunately for Sup, they are making no money through their Livejournal venture. One would think that buying one of the most popular websites on the net would be lucrative, but it’s not. It’s so not. Ad revenue is not enough and Livejournal extended the sale of permanent accounts, but to no avail. The thing is, most Livejournal users are using the free service. After various dramas of the past like Strikethrough and Buyout, Livejournal has alienated a large portion of its users who remain part of LJ but contribute no money to it. I use Firefox with Ad Block, so I never even see ads and therefore provide no exposures or clickthroughs for ad buyers on Livejournal. It’s a big ball of complication and Sup isn’t doing too well with this. Economic hard times have forced them to lay off an ample number of US employees. OH NO. This means Livejournal will vanish one day! It’s the end of the internet and not even Anonymous can save it now.

Naturally, mature and predictable Livejournal users begin to comment on a totally unrelated Livejournal News post to get their riotous voices heard. I suppose it’s naive of me, but I am always taken aback by the immaturity level of some people. What the hell public business is if of the public how many employees a company fires? Even if the news states it, the company doesn’t have to release some super public statement of shame notifying the world that they had to let x number of people go for y reasons. Sure, a company has a responsibility to inform users of what is going on, but there’s no law that states they must. A user says, “I would also like to hear about the fact that 20 out of 28 employees have been laid off please.” You did. It’s all over the internet. You must have heard about it to know the stats and specifications. Nothing like redundancy to assure you the world is falling to pieces.

People are ignoring or perhaps just plain ignorant of the fact that there IS a press release. Livejournal says that to save money, they are shifting operations. Reasonable. A sign of the time. Yet some people just say absolutely stupid things. Livejournal is moving operations more heavily to their homebase and that’s the end of English at Livejournal forever? Are you that dumb? Do people think before they post illogical moronic nonsense?

Don’t get me wrong, the whole thing is one big sad mess for the people laid off. The economy is crap. All over, people are losing jobs and having a very hard time finding new ones. I have a college degree and I can’t find one to save my life– there’s literally so little out there that we’re all scrambling for the same crumbs. Mad dash. Blood will be drawn, oh yes.

Things come and go and this includes the internet. I mean, I thought the Bar None candy bar was the best thing in the world and it vanished. The world is cruel and merciless and will break our hearts, one at a time or in one collective motion.

What Livejournal does need to do: make a satisfactory public news statement to either warn members of pending disaster or assure them that collapse is not imminent. They ‘owe’ users that much, especially people who have paid over $150 for a paid permanent account. The press release wasn’t enough to satisfy concerns, obviously. Or maybe the release was too technical and vague for people who are gnawing fearfully at their bottom lip and wondering what will happen to the years of their life that has been devoted and documented on Livejournal. It’s not going to stop the incessant complaining and conspiracy theories that Sup is an evil facet of our doomed future otherwise known as Cold War Part II: Russian Conquers the Net. What more do you want? Twitter says it’s going to all all right.

How to Save the Memories (otherwise known as Saving Your Livejournal Posts)
Ljbook- Turn your entries into a .pdf file
Vox- Made by SixApart and has a function to transfer livejournal entries though, from what I hear, there is some difficulty with locked posts
How to move posts from Livejournal to Wordpress
Backing Up Your LJ: For Windows Users- A few methods for saving your entries
LjArchive- Sourcefrog hosted program for archiving Livejournal entries

A Note: If content is that important to you, host your own blog. I do. You can pay a company like Dreamhost a few dollars a month to host your own blog and control the content. Install Wordpress or Cutenews and back up frequently and you’re in business. Sure, you won’t get friends lists or communities or 100 icons, but you will get reliability and control of your own content. Furthermore, you can use plugins such as the LJ Crossposter to post automatically from your Wordpress blog every time you publish. That’s what I do. I have a free Livejournal account that mirrors this site’s content. It’s published there with a click of one button. In the end, I don’t have to worry what will become of my life should Livejournal tank because I have this here. Food for thought, baby.

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