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I did battle and won!

Originally published at Morbid Romantic. You can comment here or there.

So, I did battle with Dreamhost and Wordpress today, and the evil 500/503 errors plaguing this site.

Last night, my databases went off across the board and I went to bed with them not up yet. So, as soon as I woke up today and had a moment, I came online to investigate and see if my sites were up.

The answer: yes and no.

Every site was up and functioning but this main Wordpress blog. I was getting 500/503 errors. On one refresh, it would be a 500 error and on the next, 503 error. It was really bizarre, but this has happened to me before with Wordpress and has been one of a two things:
1.) A Dreamhost problem that they reset.
2.) My .htaccess messing up and inserting strange characters again

My first reaction to a 500/503 issue is to check my .htaccess and remove anything that shouldn’t be there. If that fails, I contact Dreamhost. They give some excuse about servers and backups and a bunch of things– it changes every time, so I don’t even bother paying attention so much as cheering that my sites are up and functioning. When I contacted them today, they told me something about my sites being down because of memory usage… okay. I went through the whole process of investigating my usage through SSH/Shell, but to no avail. Nothing there seemed out of the ordinary and none of my scripts were using a huge amount of resources. Really, it was strange. It was a mess. I was truly beginning to think that I would never find the problem.

Finally, one last idea to restore an old Wordpress database from two days ago. I did and, luck of lucks, my blog started to work again.

It was so exhausting. So… so exhausting. I had a friend working on it with me and we’re both totally worn out from the experience. I am not at all convinced that what I did fixed the problem because I am not all that sure my usage was the problem. As I said, Dreamhost has a way of making up reasons for problems. My database has changed ZERO in the past two days. I think this is another case of a Dreamhost problem that they clear up on their own time. I could be wrong, but I don’t know…

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