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Monday Musings: Assigned Reading

Originally published at Morbid Romantic. You can comment here or there.

How did you react to assigned reading when you were in school/university/college/etc? How do you think on these books now? What book were you ‘forced’ to read when you where in school that you’ve since reread and loved?

For the most part, due to my major (history), I was given a lot of really great books to read in my classes. Sure, some were tedious. I had to read an entire biography about Reagan that about killed me! But, most of the books I was assigned to read, I got into by virtue of the fact that I was immersing myself in something historical. If anything, I could enjoy picking apart the historical accuracy of a book… which was probably why I was reading it for the class anyway! A lot of the books I was assigned to read I still have. Some of them are favorite books of mine and ones I keep at the forefront of my research and ‘for fun’ collections. Every now and then, I pick up one of the books and reread it for fun, such as I am now with Caputo’s A Rumor of War. It’s a great book and that it was assigned to me was just a mere method of discovery.

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